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"John, you need to realize she’s gone. I’m sorry, but she’s never coming back," Kennedy’s voice rang in the brunette’s ears, but John didn’t seem to hear him - not when he couldn’t stop thinking about the girl that left him, ran away, without ever giving him an explanation. Their somewhat long-distance relationship was going great - or so John thought - until she left him with no warning.


"Raegan, just get over him; that’s your past. You barely knew him. There’s a reason he’s only your past and not your present," Raegan’s best friend told her, being brutally honest - the one thing Raegan definitely did not want right now - tears began to fall down her face as she drank the rest of her Jack Daniels and coke concoction so she could try forgetting about the guy normally 2,412 miles away from her.

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"For now I am alone. I might always be alone."

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thelukeholland asked:

What halvo fics do you recommend the most (something with like a lot of drama)

just this one at the moment. i don’t really read a lot of halvo fics, but hopefully you find more that you’ll like!

Telescope Eyes is my favorite, though its kind of a love triangle with John.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi I'm on mobile so could you please link me to your halvo tag? Thanks xx

here you go!


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Warped tour 2013 was a dream come true, though she didn’t even know she had that dream. Now its her sophomore year on the tour and she is under even more pressure to do a good job since her job last year wasn’t exactly a positive experience. Walk along with Teague as she has to deal with drama, romance, and heavy choices that could change her outcome of her current (and future) warped tour jobs.

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I hear her whisper “all I want is to want nothing”
The room is dark and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m asleep
She says “it just don’t make no sense. Why can’t it work out in my head
Why I can’t be happy when there’s definitely reasons I should be”

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Anonymous asked:

Have there been any fics with really kinky sex or bdsm stuff?

check the smut tag. you’ll probably find most of that stuff there.

enjoy! x