Shot at the Night

Kennedy Brock.

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I have a blog that is like yours but it is for all band fan fiction. It’s a new blog so it’d help if you could post this so I could get some submissions. The url is ‘bandsfanfiction’. Thank you c:

I’m sure you guys like other bands besides The Maine - check it out!

Anonymous asked:
Hi I'm looking for this story that I read on mibba a while back. Okay so this girl and her kid go on tour with The Maine for some reason, and John is secretly the kid's father (he and the girl met at a party, had sex, and he left her the next morning). I never finished the story, so I'm not sure if he found out the kid was his or not. And the girl's sister was dating Garrett

haven’t found anything yet, but we’ll keep you posted if we find something!


They have the most harrowing thing that two people can have in between them: distance. Feat. John O’Callaghan of The Maine.

Write It Down, Without a Sound.

An experience, a life lesson, an adventure. This tour would defiantly be that, but how much could I handle? At least if I do have to go home early, I can say I tried. That right now is important to me.

Anonymous asked:
do you know any second generation fics?

Second Generation tag! :)


John just smiled at me, the infamous smirk growing at his lips. He picked up my pen and took my form from me, crossing out my last name and replacing it with ‘O’CALLAGHAN’.

Don't Forget Where You Belong

Alex isn’t stupid. He knows that all these things he’s been feeling and thinking are just symptoms of something much bigger than he would care to acknowledge. His mom’s words about how patient he is come back to haunt him all the time now. Because while he’s already realized that John is his soul mate, John has literally not the slightest clue yet. And that’s the most painful thing out of the whole situation.

White Walls - Mibba

Don't Give Up (On Me) - Mibba